WELCOME to The Infinite Horizon

of The Limitless Business Idea

In this era where everything goes so fast and instant, the stability of business system and unlimited ideas is needed for maximizing income levels.

Hence, both businesses and oppurtunities are also expected to move as fast, instant, stable and innovative. With this in mind, S5Unity.com would like to offer to those who hope to own a business that can answer these current challenges.


Are you the owner of assets and businesses worth millions of US$ ? If the answer is “YES”, with all due respect, we invite you to directly open our Product page by clicking the Product button above as we offer many products of high quality that you can consider to own.

But if the answer is “NO”, let us continue this discussion on how you too can have an oppurtunity to achieve financial success worth millions US$ like the question above.


Once again, let us ask whether you already have plans to achieve the financial success like the question above ?

If you haven’t had any yet in mind, let us offer you a business plan that you can apply this very second.

The opportunity that we offer is very easy and open to all without any borders.

Take advantage of S5Unity’s income system for your income planning without any risk. Below is the example of your income program when you run the S5Unity income system:

By buying at least 1 token of product at S5Unity.com, you are registered as an active member who can take advantage of the sales bonus, sales royalty bonus, global network bonus, and many of the Reward programme where applicable.

As a S5Unity member, we suggest that you start following this programme and reap the Sales Bonus and sales royalty bonus maximally.

This is the income program worth Billions of Rupiahs that you must understand:

  1. As an illustration, let say you invite 10 of your friends to join S5Unity whether for purchasing a product or for the business opportunity. As sales bonus Level 1 you will receive Rp. 100.000 x 10 = Rp. 1.000.000,-
  2. If each of your friends invite another 10 friends each to join this programme and are interested to market these quality products from S5Unity, then sales royalty bonus Level 2 you will receive Rp. 40.000 x 10 x 10 = Rp. 4.000.000,-
  3. If the same is replicated on the 3rd Level, as sales royalty bonus Level 3 you will receive Rp. 20.000 x 10 x 10 x 10 = Rp. 20.000.000,-
  4. If the same is repeated on the 4th Level, then for sales royalty bonus Level 4 you will receive Rp. 20.000 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = Rp. 200.000.000,-
  5. When the same situation happens on the 5th Level, as sales royalty bonus Level 5 you will be rewarded Rp40.000 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = Rp.,-

In total from sales and sales royalty of the 5 levels, you would have received income above 4 Billions Rupiah which is exactly Rp.,- ( Welcome to the Big Game... )

Here is the illustration:



Number of Multiples


Total Bonus

Bonus Status





Sales Sponsor


10 x 10



Royalti Penjualan


10 x 10 x 10



Royalti Penjualan


10 x 10 x 10 x 10



Royalti Penjualan


10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10



Royalti Penjualan


The income ilustration above is an estimate when you just invited 10 friends, of course you can invite as many friends as you want with no limits (thus being your Short and Medium Income)

The other good news is when your friends become a member and they buy again (Repeat Order), then you will continue to receive the sales royalty, so the above income illustration can continue again and again with no time limits and no income limits (i.e. Long Income)

In addition to that, another bonus that you can enjoy for a long term is the Global Network Bonus which is a programme for pasive income from the development of the entire sales network all over the world. To learn more about this bonus please click the button Global Network Bonus above     ( Long term Income )



And from time to time Reward Bonus ( Terms and conditions apply ) will be offered to you who actively develop your S5Unity income bonus programme. To learn more about this bonus please click the button Reward Program above 

To start easily:

Just prepare your friends’ email addresses and put it in the introduction email on your member account and click Send, or use your personal account like yahoo, gmail, outlook, etc.



Download the image file from your account so that you can use it on your Profile Picture, Website, Smartphone, etc. And personally share about these opportunities to all your friends who are interested to start this risk free business.



Spread as much as you can using your personalized link format S5Unity.com/id........ through all the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, BlackBerry, WhatsApp, SMS, Advertising media, etc.


Explain to your friends using the booklet delivered with the product you have ordered.



Here is Some reasons that make the S5Unity business model dynamic and reliable:

  1. It’s easy to join ( fill in the form by offline or online and purchase at least 1 token )
  2. As long as you have internet access, it can be done from anywhere and by anyone including housewives who are taking care of her children at home.
  3. For you who are unfamiliar with the internet, you can contact S5Unity Official Call Center (022 – 61587255) and admin@s5unity.com to get immediate help, or you can visit S5Unity’s operational office. For more detail please click the button Contact Us below.
  4. You don’t have to stock the products because this is e-commerce sales and products are directly deliver to each member’s address.
  5. Free delivery for products to Sumatera, Jawa, and Bali 
  6. Product can be delivered to all over Indonesia and the world with additional cost according to the destination.
  7. Calculation of bonus is made automatically and in real time.
  8. All bonuses calculated will be pay in a day (except on weekends, it will be paid on Monday)
  9. Bonus system that is very easy to understand.
  10. All active members (buy at least 1 token products) are automatically created by the S5Unity’s website system a replica website to do the transaction and share its opportunities with your prospects at no additional cost.
  11. With this replica web, it looks like you have your own online shop without having a headache to update or take care at all because every detail will be updated automatically from the company. Even if for some reason you're passive while there is any kind of renewal reward program updates, new products, as well as other beneficial news, the website will automatically update the news to you and all your marketing network.
  12. No fee to join (joining free).
  13. No maintenance fee / closing point,
  14. No Income Limits (No Flush Out System).
  15. No cutting of Bonus System ( No Index / Kept System )
  16. Automatic Placement, highest bonus directly (you only need to know your sponsor id and the rest of the system links it automatically ).
  17. Short-Term Income (Sponsor Sales Bonus).
  18. Mid-Term Income (Sales Royalties Bonus up to 5 Levels).
  19. Long Term Income (Repeat Order & Global Network Bonus).
  20. Huge Active Income.
  21. Global network of passive income.
  22. Membership can be willed and inherited.
  23. Business Licenses of PT. Lajoo Mulia Independen ( Incorporated Company ).
  24. Website S5Unity.com is officially registered with no spam elements and uses a Secure Website (https) which is equivalent to banking websites and giant search engines such as klikbca, google, yahoo, paypal, etc, so that the comfort and safety of all members in the transaction are very secure.
  25. Purchase after the first token will have the cashback (personal discount) in the form of a bonus level 1.
  26. You don’t need to be an expert in presentations because replica website will help you explain to your prospective prospects.
  27. All the prospect whose join through introductions from your replica website will automatically add itself to your network tree.
  28. For other offline presentation, you can do it by booklets and brochures given when you sign up and order your first product.
  29. Take advantage of all the tools for online prospects that can be easily downloaded from the website.
  30. All bonuses will  transparently described in each of your accounts.
  31. Affordable Price (requirement to join only buy 1 token = Rp.799.000, -)
  32. The money spent to buy the token as same as to buy the product because each token can be exchanged for the products you want according the value of these products to the value of tokens.
  33. With the availability of high-quality products and continuous its additions will make network marketing that you have develop continue to provide income for you in the future, because in S5Unity we believe that by presenting the highest quality products then automatically the order for repeat order will increase.
  34. S5Unity have these very high quality and guaranteed products:
  • Pop A Magnet (World Class Magnetic Display Board)
  • V.O.C Kopi Loe'wak (Premium Civet Coffee)
  • Samba Passion (Brazillian Catuaba 100% Herbal)


To learn more about S5Unity products, please click button Products above.

In short, for the sake of your own future and all the people you love ...

Do you dare to realize all your wishes?


Do you dare to start planning for your short, medium and long income ?

Do you ready to grasp the world of network marketing?


If yes, please study carefully the S5Unity’s income systems opportunities offered above and when you already understand it,

Please click the JOIN US button above and start your income program. Welcome to this world with no boundaries ...